Now, when most consumers are seeking out a service or goods, more than 89% use search engines for purchase decisions, which means that the first impression your business gives digital shoppers is key. For instance, if someone is looking for a NYC moving company to move them from Chelsea to the Upper West Side, they’ll likely go to Google and type in something like “NYC movers”. In the search results, they’ll find not only names of NYC moving companies, but also consumer reviews from popular sites like Yelp, Google+, Angie’s List and more.

Positive reviews by customers on social media platforms give your business credibility and are one of the easiest ways to establish brand loyalty. In equal measure, negative reviews can easily tarnish your reputation and keep other customers from even considering giving you a call. So how can you ensure that your business gets reviewed by customers and that those reviews are 5-star? We spoke with Imperial Movers, a moving company in NYC that gets rave reviews from its customers, to see how they go about getting their 5-star reviews.

Provide a feedback platform

It is impossible to grow a business in the age of social media without providing a means of feedback. Follow-up with customers via email or text to inquire about the quality of the service they experienced. Without a means of feedback, disgruntled customers may unleash on social media, using the public platform as their own personal soap box to injure your business. In your follow-up, always ask for honest feedback. If they were happy with your service, you can also request that they share their experience with other potential customers via Yelp, Facebook or Google+. You can make it easy for customers to review you by providing links to your social pages in your follow-up email.

Providing an easy way for customers to give their feedback is key to knowing how to improve your business
Providing an easy way for customers to give their feedback is key to knowing how to improve your business

Make visible changes

Tapping a keyboard behind the safety of a screen allows customers to be brutally honest. It is important to realize there will be vindictive clients who will never see positives. There are however, those who will offer their honest opinions on how to improve their experience. This is the group you can depend on, to establish brand loyalty. After going through the feedback, make changes as required and inform them of the new changes on your social media platforms. Customers like it when they affect change and know that their opinions matter.

Get ahead of negative reviews

Even great businesses get the occasional negative feedback or ultra-vindictive customer. Imperial suggests responding to reviews, good or bad, immediately. Always remember to keep the tone positive and upbeat, as other potential customers will take note of the professionalism of your response. Offer to correct the problem, or if you don’t have an immediate solution, let them know that you are working to remedy the situation. The key to mitigating negative reviews is being the bigger person and staying on top of things.

Apologize and compensate

Small business owners make mistakes along the way. The direction your business takes will depend on your response on feedback platforms. Make a habit of apologizing to customers who complain and going out of your way to right any wrongs. Imperial likes to stick by the old adage, “the customer is always right”; so, even if you think that their wrong, do your best to put on a humble and understanding face.

Ultimately, the reviews customers give will correspond with the level of service they receive.
Ultimately, the reviews customers give will correspond with the level of service they receive.


The best way to solicit great reviews is to always offer outstanding service. The movers at Imperial pride themselves on offering the best moving experience possible to every customer. This experience starts with working with the customer to establish reasonable pricing and accommodating scheduling, care and courtesy on moving day, and earnest follow-up after the move is complete. Because their approach is customer-centric, striving to give individualized service to each customer, Imperial gets incredible feedback on its review platforms. Their high ratings on social media ultimately boost business and drive future sales.