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Overview of ViSX Performance Storage Appliances

ViSX Performance Storage Appliances

ViSX Performance Storage Appliance with Pricing
  • All Flash solid state storage appliance with the industry’s highest IOPS per $ at prices comparable to hard disk systems
  • For demanding applications in VDI or other virtualized environments, increase application performance by up to 10X while increasing number of users supported
  • Co-exists and complements your existing network storage investment
  • Supports both iSCSI & NFS v2, v3, & v4 environments
  • Support OpenStack for private or public cloud deployments

Solving Your Toughest I/O Performance Challenges

IT managers, DBAs, Server Admins, and IT Operations personnel are under constant pressure to ensure that end-users are satisfied with the performance of their applications and the virtual and physical infrastructure that underpins them. They must support the new business initiatives, such as virtualizing business-critical applications and implementing a cloud computing environment, while simultaneously managing tight budgets.


ViSX Flash-based Performance Storage Appliance – At a Glance

Astute breaks application performance barriers by resolving critical I/O bottlenecks with the ViSX family of solid state flash-based Performance Storage Appliances. Based on its patented 10GbE Data Pump Engine™ and Networked Flash™ architecture, ViSX gives IT managers a simple to deploy storage I/O acceleration appliance that boosts Tier 1 application and VDI performance by up to 10X. As a result, companies improve user productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue generation while eliminating the over-provisioning of storage, servers, and network resources.


Astute ViSX Architectural Advantage

ViSX Overview Diagram
ViSX Flash-based Performance Storage Appliances for physical and virtual environments are specifically architected to deliver unprecedented performance per dollar at prices normally associated with spinning disk systems, helping you unleash the full potential of your enterprise, whether you are addressing critical application performance issues, deploying a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or virtualizing your business critical applications.

The Networked Flash™ architecture of the ViSX appliance combines ultra-reliable Samsung solid state flash modules with a custom high-performance, 10GbE DataPump Engine™ processor that completely offloads and dramatically accelerates network (TCP) and storage (iSCSI) protocol processing. Together, they eliminate all of the critical I/O bottlenecks that can affect application performance. ViSX easily connects into your existing environment via any 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet port.


A Scalable Architecture for Performance and Capacity

The ViSX performance storage appliances are designed to accommodate highly random I/O workloads as well as provide the ability for a company to scale out and up with ease as performance and capacity requirements increase by simply adding additional SSD modules to the chassis or by adding additional 2 EIA Rack unit G4 appliances. Each ViSX scales to 140,000 sustained random IOPS and can be clustered together to scale in excess of one million sustained random IOPS configured either as one large datastore or multiple independent datastores.


To increase reliability and overall data availability, ViSX offers five levels of data protection:

  • On-chip Flash ECC: Each Flash chip has its own error detection and correction capabilities.
  • eMLC option: Samsung Enterprise-grade multi-level cell flash devices combine extra reliability with high performance to extend the life of flash-based modules to 10 years or more.
  • RAID Levels: ViSX supports multiple RAID levels including 0, 1, 5, 6 & 10.
  • ViSX Replicator adds Asynchronous and Synchronous replication for High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities.

ViSX Replicator

Astute ViSX Replicator satisfies the most demanding business continuity and disaster recovery requirements. In today’s extremely competitive market climate, reliable data storage and recovery systems are essential. When developing plans to achieve everyday uptime improvement and rapid recovery in the event of an outage, ViSX Replicator is an appliance-based solution that offers local or remote replication (synch or synchronous replication) of the data contained on your Astute ViSX performance storage appliance. And for secure data communications, it features link compression and encryption, eliminating the need for a 3rd party appliance or device to perform those services.

Simple to Deploy; Simple to Manage

ViSX was designed to be non-disruptively deployed as an additional performance tier to complement existing SAN or NAS environments; not a rip and replace or forklift upgrade solution. IT system administrators will see ViSX as an iSCSI target on the network, which is easily provisioned and managed via the VMware vCenter Plugin tab or through the ViSX FlashWRX™ management interface for non-VMware environments. To increase overall application performance, simply move the most frequently accessed data experiencing the bottleneck, such as hot spots, Redo Log, Hot Tables, and Indexes, or move all the application’s data to ViSX. If you are in a virtualized environment, move some or all of your performance constrained virtual machine datastores to ViSX via a Storage vMotion and you will experience dramatically higher performance in minutes.