How YouTube Can Boost Local Marketing

How YouTube Can Boost Local MarketingOne of the most underutilized tools for local business marketing is hands down YouTube.  For the past few years we’ve watched as both search and shopping have moved from desktop devices over to mobile.  What may come as a surprise is that many customers go to YouTube before they start shopping.  YouTube is where more and more local business are finding customers.  As the second largest search engine after Google, small businesses can no longer afford to ignore the potential YouTube offers.

YouTube and Mobile Devices

With over 60% of YouTube’s videos being watched from a mobile device, it’s fair to say that mobile and YouTube go hand in hand.  Don’t forget that EVERY mobile device has a YouTube application embedded in its software right out of the box so YouTube is always there.  Another reason video is viewed so often on mobile is that videos are often shared on social sites and people check social media accounts from mobile devices.

Videos are often watched when someone has spare time, during commutes to and from work, waiting in line, and on lunch breaks.  Video isn’t just for entertainment anymore people often use video for research and to find out information.

If your target demographic is millenials then you really need to pay attention, according to research viewers between 18 and 34 watch more YouTube than any single cable network.  Before you dismiss this information, here’s a local chiropractor whose YouTube Channel managed to generate more than half a million viewers and a local camera store than has almost 200,000 subscribers.  Could your business benefit from that kind of reach?

YouTube is “How to” Heaven

You have probably heard someone jokingly say that they were a graduate of YouTube University, all that means is that whatever skill they became a little bit proficient at they first learned on YouTube.  There is no other place on the internet where you can learn ‘How to’ quite like YouTube.  Whatever business you’re in you have the potential to teach somebody something.

That’s doesn’t mean you are giving away your services for free, on the contrary.  Here’s a real world example; imagine you’re a plumber, make a video showing how to fix a leaky faucet provides information the viewer wants but fixing leaky faucets are a minuscule portion of what you do. Here’s an example of just that:

To reach your target audience create videos that address commonly asked questions in your field.  Still stuck for topics?  Take a look at the FAQs section of your website all those questions you provide answers to could easily be translated into video.

Video is cheaper and easier to make now than it ever has been, in fact a good portion of videos on YouTube were made with mobile phones.  You can’t afford to ignore YouTube anymore.  Make sure your business stands out in your videos, include pertinent information such as your logo, address and phone number.