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Board of Directors & Investors

Board of Directors

Bob MacKnight–CEO, Astute Networks
George Pavlov – General Partner, Tallwood Venture Capital
Paco Sandejas, Ph.D. – Managing Partner, Narra Venture Capital
Dr. Dong-Su Kim – Director of Investment, Samsung Venture Investment Corp.


Tallwood Venture Capital

Tallwood Venture CapitalTallwood Venture Capital is a venture capital firm focusing on semiconductors and semiconductor related technologies. Tallwood raised its first institutional fund of $180 million in 2002. Investors include Stanford University and Harvard University. Tallwood’s practice is based on a deep understanding of markets, the impact technology will have on them and a hands-on, very active involvement post investment. Tallwood also utilizes a best-in-class team of consultants and advisors to help build its practice and work directly with its portfolio companies. Tallwood’s vision is to actively help entrepreneurs to develop and grow technology-based start ups into world-class companies.
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Narra Venture Capital

KeyNote Ventures Narra Venture Capital (NarraVC) was established in January 2002 to invest in private high-technology companies with potential for accelerated growth. Narra focuses its investments on companies with defensible barriers to competition, which are normally based on cutting-edge technology or their efficient deployment. Narra manages two venture capital funds.
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Samsung Venture Investment Corporation

Samsung Venture Investment Corporation logoSamsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC) actively invests in future-oriented businesses based on new and innovative technologies that are expected to serve as growth engines. Major investment areas include semiconductor, telecommunication, software, Internet, bio engineering and medical industry, film/video industry while potential investments range from start-ups to established companies that are about to be listed in the stock market.
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ICCP Venture Partners

ICCP Venture Partners logoICCP Venture Partners, Inc. (IVPI) is a global private direct investment management firm based in the Philippines and geared towards making equity and equity-related investments in emerging growth companies having sound business fundamentals and a promising potential to generate significant medium to long-term capital appreciation. Since inception, IVPI has been very selective of its investments. Investment decisions are based on the fundamental soundness of the business plan in addressing the internal and external forces that impact the profitability of the company.
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TIFF (The Investment Fund for Foundations)

TIFF logoIn 1991, a network of foundations founded a cooperative-style investment organization named The Investment Fund for Foundations whose structure and eligibility criteria have evolved over time but whose essential mission has not. Known colloquially as TIFF, the organization’s mission is to seek to enhance the investment returns of non-profit organizations by reducing investment and administrative expenses, broadening the universe of investment choices available, assisting with asset deployment, preserving purchasing power, monitoring and evaluating investment performance, and promoting an understanding of investment management.
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