Down To The Water
“Down To The Water” by Patty Moreland

This fine art gallery is located upstairs above the Fort Davis Drug Store in downtown Fort Davis, Texas.

The Drug Store has long-been a gathering place since it’s humble beginnings in 1913. It has been operating in the current building since 1951. The Gallery was added in the spring of 2011 to the existing Hotel, Gift Shop, Restaurant, and Soda Fountain.

The Gallery features local artists, and local art of the Big Bend Region, showcasing the art of several well known artists who make their home in the Fort Davis area.

Browse through our Artist listings for examples of the latest art work displayed in The Gallery.
Paintings       Sculptures       Stained Glass       Photography     Other Mediums
  Paintings           Sculptures       Stained Glass   Photography   Other Medium

Please also check out our workshops sponsored by Southern Rockies Education Center in Fort Davis.